Universal Asset Management

Welcome to the new face of UAM. We are glad to have you visit our website, learn more about our company and what makes us such a unique business in the commercial aviation industry. This bold new chapter in our company’s story aims to reimagine the aviation industry in a light none imagined possible.

At UAM, we understand the challenges that face our industry every day and recognize that only through innovation, creativity and a steadfast commitment to our customers can we impact positive changes to the business community. Using all the tools we have at our disposal and an aspiration to utilize technology as the vehicle for growth, we aim to be nothing but the best in the business.

UAM presents an unparalleled, unrivaled and extremely unique opportunity to its partners to access our superior asset management services. Our robust asset management framework comes from having managed over 50 aircraft and engines in the past decades via leases, aircraft & engine disassembly and long-term asset placements in countries all over the world; all while maintaining the third-party decision making as the asset manager with the required fiduciary responsibilities.

As partners, UAM’s goal is to ensure that you achieve the highest return for the investment in your assets. Our team of expert asset managers bring experience from all facets of the aviation, investment, logistics and information technology industry. Together, we cultivate a partnership of excellence, trust and ultimately, a vessel of financial success.

From aircraft acquisitions to inventory consignments, UAM has done it all. With our cutting edge software, you can track real-time progress of your assets to recognize the return of your investment.

Website: www.asiaasset.com
Address: 5350 Poplar Avenue, Suite 150
Memphis, TN 38119
Tel: +1 (901) 682.4064
Email: uam@uaminc.com